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Beach Cruisers Hollywood CA

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Beach Cruisers Hollywood

Looking for a bike shop in Hollywood that sells beach cruiser bikes for cheap?  Our shop is VERY close located in the City of Industry.  Here's why you should buy from us:

 1)  Since our website is located in Florida, you do NOT have to pay sales tax.  This saves you about $20 on a $200 bike.

2) If you don't want to pickup your bike, you can have it shipped for only $24.99 and get it within a few business days.  The savings on tax alone will come close to paying for shipping to your house.

3)  Our prices are lower.  Since we carry our beach cruiser bikes in a warehouse, we have very low overhead that we pass on to you.  We GUARANTEE our prices are lower.

So, how do you start shopping?  Search our site, pick a bike, and complete the checkout process.  At checkout, you will have the options of picking your bike up in person, or having it shipped to your door.  We ship our bikes within ONE business day.   Shop with Beach Cruisers For Sale today!

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