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Beach Cruisers Camden NJ

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Beach Cruisers Camden

Looking for a bike shop in Camden, NJ that sells beach cruiser bikes for cheap?  Don't waste your time :- )   Why?  Because buying from a local bike shop is more expensive than buying online.  Here's why:

1) When you order online, you do NOT have to pay sales tax.  This immediately saves you around 7%.  That's $21 savings on a $200 bike.

2) Drive time:  Getting to and from a bike shop will take you over an hour.  How much is an hour of your time worth?

3) Gas money / Car expense:  Sure gas isn't all that expensive, but how are you going to fit the bike (or multiple bikes) in your car?

4) High overhead:   Most bike shops have to pay for high volume visible locations.  How do you think they pay for them?  Yes, by marking up your bike.

Don't believe me?  Call your local bike ship, and compare our bike prices to theirs.  We GUARANTEE our prices are lower.

Start shopping and saving now.  Our beach cruiser bikes ship directly from California which means you'll get yours fast.  Typically as long as you order by Tuesday, you'll be riding your bike the following weekend, sometimes sooner.  Shop with Beach Cruisers For Sale today!

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