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Question: What is the warranty policy on your beach cruisers on sale and parts?
Answer: There is a 90-day manufacturer warranty on defective or missing bicycle parts only. For shipping damages, you must notify us within 3 days of receiving the shipment.

Question: How does it take to assemble a beach cruiser from the box?
Answer: It takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble a bike regardless of the model.

Question: What size spokes are on your beach bikes?
Answer: Different bikes have different spoke sizes, so you can use a spoke wrench to measure this.

What size beach cruisers on sale is right for me?
20" Tire Size = for people or kids 3’2" to 4’4"
24" Tire Size = for people, taller kids, shorter teenagers, and shorter adults 4’ to 5’4"
26" Tire Size = for teenagers & adults 5’ to 6’4"

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