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Bike Assembly

Our bikes come 85% preassembled. The rear wheel with derailleur is already assembled on the bike.  Assembling the rest of the parts takes approximately 15 minutes if you are fairly handy.  We've sold thousands of bikes and had very very few issues with customers not being able to complete their bikes.
When you receive the bike, you will have to assemble the seat, pedals, handlebar, front wheel, add air into the tires (40 PSI), and if your bike has 7-speeds, you will have to tune and adjust the brakes and gears. We highly recommend taking the bike to a bike technician if assistance is needed.
Tools needed are the general basic tools: 14mm socket wrench, adjustable wrench, medium size standard screwdriver, Phillips screw driver, allen wrenches, and pliers. Some of the tools are included with the bike. Special tools are not required for assembly.

If you have anymore questions, please contact us.  

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